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‘My partners at Petcube know that I rip and tear when I'm hungry. Sugar = carbohydrate that satiates easily but is equally fast to burn. Rebels chocolate is sugar-free. Its energizing effect comes from fats, so it doesn't affect your blood sugar. And it's tasty, too!

Rebels = Productivity."

Sasha Neskin
Co-founder at Petcube

‘Sugar giants are waging an information war: with eye-catching packaging, by vindicating the reputation of sugar in the eyes of consumers. They spare no effort to sell us cheap and toxic sugary products at a hefty premium.’

Vsevolod Abramov
Art director BBDO group
Карина Фомичева

‘Healthy lifestyle adepts, healthcare specialists, and biohackers all have been swearing by LCHF diets for a long time already. However, the foods market hasn't caught up with this trend somehow. The supermarket shelves are almost devoid of actually wholesome foods: their ingredient list alone brings a tear to your eye, and they taste even worse! It's a miracle to finally have a product that is made from wholesome ingredients, tastes great, and is rich in all things healthy.’

Karina Fomicheva
Clinical geneticist
Макс Горин

‘I’m always a little sad when such a useful thing like chocolate is spoiled by sugar. And then I found this natural sweetened yum containing only healthy ingredients. I tried LOVE - it's love! The polyphenol has become a pleasant surprise.’

Max Gorin
Founder at Keto Keto
Валентина Козлова

‘Rebels has a nice creamy feel, intense chocolate taste, and, unlike other chocolate bars, it isn’t too sweet. Pure pleasure without guilt—it is great to eat something tasty knowing that your body is going to benefit from it.‘

Valentina Kozlova
Founder at Correctarium

No sugar,  no BS

To sweeten our products, we use a combination of three sugar substitutes: erythritol, stevia, and inulin. They are all-natural and safe: their consumption does not raise blood glucose, cause tooth decay, diabetes or obesity. Also, they are safe for the liver and contain lots of beneficial bacteria that enhance gut health.